Football Accumulator Bet: 22 January 2021

Football Accumulator Bet for today, Friday, 22 January, 2021. Is composed from five matches of following championships: England – Championship, France – Ligue 1, Germany – Bundesliga, England – FA Cup and Scotland – Championship. Today, we set out to combine small and medium odds. All with predictions final result, to make sure that we got a green betslip. Follow daily, Football Accumulator Betslip for free on

What is football accumulator bet?

Football Accumulator is a single bet build from several combined matches. Where all selections must win to get the return. The advantage of an accumulator bet is the big win. Because multiplying the odds of many events, we get a bigger total final odds compared to bets on each selection.
The easiest way to understand what is an accumulator bet, is this: a single stake multiplied with total odds of several selections multiplied by each other on the same betslip.

You can add as many events you want together, as long they are unrelated. Unrelated bets are selections that do not influence each other. For example: a football match added two times on the same bet slip but with different predictions (both teams to score, under / over goals, winner, correct score, etc ..) is not allowed. Therefore they cannot be added in a accumulator bet.

How accumulator bet works?

The Football Accumulator bet is based on multiplying the final odds with stake. To better understand, in the following example we use decimals odds format:

1.50 x 1.75 x 1.90 x 2.00 = (Total Odds) x (Stake) = Return

This procedure applies, is also valid for fractions odds format. Anyway, in that case you need to divide the odds and then add +1 to their result before multiplying them. For instance, we have following odds:
(2/1), (3/1), (4/1) and (5/1).

The calculation is:
(2/1+1) x (3/1+1) x (4/1+1) x (5/1+1).
If you are interested to calculating your win for a football accumulator bet in a different odds format. You can use a free online betting calculator. Above all, both formulas bring the same big odds and revenue.

Football Accumulator Bet

Football accumulator betting tips

Firstly, find out and check the statistics of the bet event in question.
Secondly, before to build an accumulator bet. We recommend you to choose small and medium odds.
Thirdly, use maximum 5 events on the betslip and decent stake.
Fourthly, choose bets like: full time results, under/over goals, both teams to score and double chance.

ACCA’s Bet pros & cons

The advantage of the accumulator bet is the big win resulting from small odds and low stake. Moreover, you can combine multiple selections from different sports. This increase your odds and chances of winning. In short, the accumulator bet is much profitable than a simple bet.

The disadvantage of the accumulator bet includes two aspects:
1. Most importantly – if one event is lose, entire bet lose.
2. Too many events on the betslip can add high return, but in same time can bring many losing selections.


Football accumulator bet slip is the best and easy way to bring you a decent return if you follow few simple rules. However, stay away from high-risk bets and always find out before placing a bet. promote betting as a purely relaxing activity and our betting tips should be considered in fact, as a source of inspiration and intuition.

Gambling can create addiction. Play responsibility. Forbidden under 18 age!